Tetrachromacy (Patreon Exclusive)

This field is engineered to guide your body in developing Tetrachromacy, an advanced form of colour vision that potentially allows an individual to perceive colours beyond the capacity of normal human vision.

Typically, colour vision is facilitated by three types of cone cells in the eye, commonly referred to as blue, green, and red cones. Each type of cone is sensitive to specific wavelengths of light.

Tetrachromacy introduces a fourth cone type, most sensitive to the yellow-green part of the visible spectrum. This additional cone expands the range of perceivable colours, potentially allowing tetrachromats to see hues that are invisible to others.

The genetic basis for this fourth cone lies in the X chromosome, which carries the genes for red and green cones. These genes are closely related and susceptible to mutations during fetal development. Approximately 6% of men have an anomalous gene resulting in a variant of the red or green cone, termed ‚Äėanomalous trichromats‚Äô, as their colour vision slightly deviates from the norm. In more severe cases, 2% of men may lack either red or green cones, leading to ‚Äėdichromacy‚Äô, which depends on just two cone types. The blue cone, coded by a gene on chromosome 7, is less prone to such genetic variations.

In women, who have two X chromosomes, there’s a possibility of carrying both the standard red and green genes on one X chromosome and an anomalous gene on the other. This unique genetic makeup allows for the expression of four distinct types of cone cells, paving the way for tetrachromacy.

By instructing your body to develop this enhanced type of colour vision, this field opens up a new dimension in visual perception, enabling you to experience and appreciate a world of colours that remains unseen to most.

Please note this field aims to assist in activating your self-balancing abilities and is not a medical treatment.

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