Request to Reach Genius

Dear Friends,

Kush here from India - big fan of Maitreya. I’m happy to be a part of the Family. Maitreya had asked me to message Genius but I can’t seem to find the option to do it.

@Genius - if and when you read this, could you please advise on how can I send a message to you ?

Wishing everyone a Blessed day ahead !

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Click on @Genius and hit message

Thank you for guidance for taking the time friend. But I can’t seem to do that ? I don’t see an option to message him when I click on @Genius. It just takes me to his profile.

You’re going to have to wait for Genius to message you because you just joined the forum and don’t have access to the messaging feature yet

Oh ok yeah I got an error that I can PM this user… I’ll probably wait. Appreciate you taking the time Friend. Have a good one.

@Genius kindly let me know if I can write to you someway. Maitreya directed me to you.

PMed you. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you Friend- I have replied. Kindly take a look when possible- have a beautiful and blessed day !

Hello Genius,

I don’t have access to pm. I’ve only just joined the forum. Maitreya has suggested connecting with you on forum about something important. Can you please PM me. Thank you!

PMed you.

Sweet! I’ve replied! :slight_smile:

@Genius Maitreya suggested me to contact you but i am unable to message you. Please PM me

PMed you.

I would like to ask you about a purchase i made, i don’t think Maitreya can see my PM. And i can’t PM you.

You can’t PM me? that’s strange.

Anyway, I have PMed you. Send me there the screenshot as to what error message you get when you try to PM me, also your other request.

Well, pressing your avatar or name doesn’t do anything and that’s what i do when PMing.

That would be an issue with the mobile layout. The developer will eventually re-write all the codes of the theme. However, if the issues don’t get resolved we’ll see what to do.

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I have also encountered this situation many times, and the solution is to refresh the page or restart the browser