Memorial Day Sale?

Hi Maitreya
Thank you for the great work that you are sharing with us. Will there be any Memorial Day discount or sale coming up for the weekend?

Whoa man. Frequent sale means not selling at all. People will keep waiting for another sale to make the regular purchase. That’s not how businesses are done.


Yeah we already had a summer sale.

Memorial Day is a US thing anyhow

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What businesses have your run? Of course, folks are going to wait for a sale to make a purchase, even Sapien has a sale this weekend.

I’m not sure I’d like to tell you. And the sale is from teespring and all of its products, not from Sapien.


Sure Teespring, and TwistedSage have some nice sales this weekend…Enjoy!


Trolls are cool!

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@Nexus on a different topic, any new videos coming on your channel soon? :pray:

I have been so busy these days and with all the new energies it is getting interesting for sure. I have been thinking of topics to present but nothing is standing out. Thank you for reminding me though, I do need to get back in that groove.

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