Meditate while listening?

I want to know the fastest way to get results with fields, including how much I should listen, my mindset, etc.

I’m listening to 3 fields right now and i was wondering should I meditate while listening? and how much should I listen?

looking for a way to get the fastest results, any help is appreciated

yes it will make it faster

use quantum booster

declutter / release dense energies as much u can

use subcon. limit dissolver

if you do pranayama during listening it should boost the effects even further

if something u can use for a longer time, get the storage field and put it there (pls common sense)

create sapiens servitor and tell him to integrate the energies (more compatibility etc)

get sapiens magi pendant

have a clean room (also energetic with sri yantra for example)

maybe with permanent results integrator (from maitreya) things go faster (also common sense pls)


I have two questions.

  1. What fields are you using?
  2. Why the insistence on fastest results possible?
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Why not lol

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Because it depends why they feel fast results are needed. If this person needs fast results to overcome some internal negative feelings they have about themselves (which I suspect but hope isn’t the case), then fast results are unlikely to come. It’s just a part of how spiritual things work.


what exactly is the Sapien servitor you refer to? I read a post on Sapiens forum and they said it was an entity that helps you to accomplish tasks and you can teach them etc.

how do you call upon this entity?

I would get sapiens magi but I don’t have enough money for it right now. (If your taking about the one on his store)

and what is pranayama?

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I’m using fields for Semen Retention, hair thickness, and youth activation chromosome. (All from maitreya)

I want fast results because I’m going on a trip soon and honestly I just want to look and feel my best before I leave

play sapiens automated pranayama while doing this:


Hmm, okay. Well, if the goal is to look your best, I’m not sure why Semen Retention is in your list. What was your thinking here?

The Chromosome v1 & v2 fields should only take a week or two each to implement changes, but it takes your body many, many months to create new cells with the updated info. Best to see those fields as a long-term improvement, not a quick fix.

Instead of trying to change your physical body so that others perceive you more attractively, why not alter their perception directly? The Beautiful Cloak field is designed to do exactly this, and works VERY fast.

As far as feeling your best, I’m not sure what to recommend without knowing your situation. But, if you’re not feeling all that well physically, you could try using something like the Eternal Cleaner field for its detoxing effects. Or, you could use the Energy Enhancer & Three Treasures field to get your energy levels & vitality up (this one is also a fast acting field, but you may need to loop it for a while).

the semen retention makes me have increased confidence and since I’m literally reserving my life force, I feel better in general.

and you said the beautiful cloak works VERY fast? how fast? within a couple days? And does it change my perception of myself too?

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Try it with brahmacarya v2 and ojas ( and ancient art three treasure)

You will gain the biggest boost from doing pranayama especially if it has to be fast.

Highly recommend to use his plasma light and his new orgon accumulator, it should fix every physical problem aslong there are no underlying problems (surpressed emotions etc…)


I don’t want to have too much audios as I have a hard time listening to all of them.

do you think the following playlist is good?:
Quantum booster
Energy increaser + three treasures
Bhamcharya v2
The beautiful cloak

or should I add more? I want to keep my meditation sessions under 45 minutes

Print quantum booster mandala and sri yantra mandala

instead beautiful cloak get this:

Then you have time for the other stuff.

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Is celibacy something you want? If not, don’t listen to that one.

Good suggestions.

This I don’t agree with, but this plus Beautiful Cloak is especially effective. But, if only one can be picked, I think Beautiful Cloak is closer to the stated goal of looking at their best for vacation.

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how do I use them? do I just print them and keep them in my pocket, kinda like a amulet?

do the mandalas need to have color? could I put them as my phone wallpaper instead?



better not but it still works

so I can just fold them and put them in my pocket? I don’t need to look at them at all during the day?

That is correct.

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