Male Face Golden Ratio


Thought I’d share a testemonial of this field. (This above is not mine)

I also have been using this since a couple of days and my face has become more harmonic/symmetrical

I’d still prefer a mandala of this though :smiley:


Guys this stuff works fast and is Powerful ! So yesterday i bought the Male Face Golden Ratio Mandala, Mandala Managerv2 and Inner Resistance Dissolver Mandala and some other Mandalas. So around 6:30 pm i printed it out on my Polaroid photo iphone and laid it out on the table. Well around midnite i noticed my face getting tensed and my tongue started to mew and moved back and forth automatically . it felt like someone was giving me facial massage which i went to looked in my bathroom mirror and surely enough my face was changing before my eyes. So this continued on for an hour at which point i was concerned i might looked too different than myself and so i told the Mandala Manager to Deactive Male Face golden ratio
which then subsided but i was still feeling little pulses around my face. Anyways when i woked up this morining and check myself in the mirror i can see that most of my double chin is gone and i have a more chiseled jawline .


Dear @Polaris 1. “Male Face Golden Ratio” and/or “Body Golden Ratio” are included in the package “Greek God beauty” or “The Ultimate God body” or are these products for separate use?!

  1. And what’s the difference between “Youthful Skin” (besides “getting a nice bronze tan”) and “Youthful skin without skin change” on Gumroad?
    And “Perfect Skin v2” is more powerful?
    Otherwise, there are many similar products. :slight_smile:

Thanks for response!

If there is a field name that is included in some package, then you don’t have to use the same field. It is like a bonus.
If we compare a field to a cooking recipe, you can mix ingredients or add something old to something new. For example, you have a great recipe for sauce that would go great with 4 different dishes.


If something is v2 then means that is upgraded and “the recipe” is improved :slight_smile:

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I understood this, thank you! But, the question is, the field “Male Face Golden Ratio” and field “Body Golden Ratio” are included in the package “Greek God beauty”? Or in the package “The Ultimate God body”?
How to find out? :slight_smile:

You will find all the information in the description.
“Greek God Beauty” has Face Golden Ratio. As for the body

“Aesthetic Midsection for your desired V-taper body, Midsection of FrankZane and Steve Reeves Measurements”


“Ideal body parts , ideal hands , ideal arms , ideal feet , ideal legs ,Ideal chest , ideal back , ideal shoulders , ideal neck , ideal face.”
This could be considered as Golden Male Body Ratio, but it is not specified this way, so you can use additional field if you like.

“The Ultimate God Body” has mentioned this field “Added: Androgen Receptors - THE SENSITIVITY OF THE GODS”.

Those two fields are different.

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