Apollo Perfect Masculine Beauty

This field has been designed to connect you to the highest aspect of the primordial masculine energy. It will give you the feeling of being handsome and carrying the energy of harmonious masculine beauty as well as the power, courage and dignity that are inherent to a man. It will give you the feeling of being a god. It will clear any insecurities and fears that prevent you from feeling handsome, strong, confident and having the courage to act and pursue your goals and desires.

The field will release all fears connected to one being handsome and powerful as a man i.e. that this might damage your relationships with your parents or other family members, with your partner, that if you stand out too much you might get envy and jealousy from your peers, that once you are a handsome and powerful man, you now have to take full responsibility for your life and your freedom of choice. It will help you release all blocks to feeling deserving of what you truly want and trusting your capacity to achieve it.

The field will remove all wrong ideas that make you conceal, suppress, damage, or hide your masculine expression and beauty out of fear or wrong belief, including collective misunderstanding of the masculine nature and value.

The field will clear all traumas and conflicts related to past relationships. It will release the feelings of being offended, angry, and disappointed.

DM: It heals the whole family line from negative feelings towards women and will bring fresh new energy and ability to develop and sustain healthy relationships, family and partnerships. It will release delusions that one is not worthy or valuable or any condescending or demeaning attitude one has suffered. The field will connect you to the archetypal masculine energy of a worthy, dignified, strong, courageous, responsible, loved, respected and valued man. A man that feels like a god.


LOOKS like its applicable and adaptable to both Straight and Gay Men, alike. To a Man relatable !! Powerful.

Next day response: well scratch this one off the list, I thought it could be for both Gay men and straight Men. not so it appears ONLY for Hetro Men. I AM NOT interested in the opposite one, either, as far as a purchase. Alas the journey continues.
However, All the Best to the Men that can use it,I AM shure it will serve you well.

How did you come to that conclusion? What happened? Relationships don’t need to be love related.

I dont know what your’re talking about, exactly.

DM: It heals the whole family line from negative feelings towards women and will bring fresh new energy and ability to develop and sustain healthy relationships, family and partnerships.

Me: This is how I came to THAT conclusion. it’d be nice and damn helpful if “This is for ALL MEN” no matter what thier sexual wiring is…so people like me wouldnt have to go thru this stuff , so we’d know RIGHT off the bat. There wasnt enough information around this stated.
two ) I"ve been on this planet for 5 1/2 decades I KNOW full well that all relationships dont have to be love related, I wasn’t even talking about that. IT LOOKS like, its for straight men ONLY!! based on the information in the description.

aha, i was under the impression that you had a personal experience with this field.

NO I Had not. I Love this Idea and this Mandala and would like to use it,if its Universal in the sense for, ALL MEN, but Im not ‘straight’.


@Maitreya @Vega If I stack 5 mandalas INCREASES its power or not?.

Is it better to take only one?


The power is the same of one or 5. One is enough :slight_smile:


Hi @Maitreya, thank you for this masterpiece, will it be uploaded on Patreon like its counterpart?


Yes, of course. will upload soon.


@Genius please upload it in Patreon… thanks


Done. :wink:


This DM can cause physical changes ?


I’d like to know also

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Yes. In my case it increases the width of shoulders, pumps chest, lats, arms (forearms included), core and legs. Auto mewing and I have noticed many other physical effect like Greek God Beauty (I didn’t use it anymore). It doesn’t remove fat. It seems to have a “plasma charged mithocondria”. I feel this.

In youtube’s comments Maitreya expresses the variety of this effect: more you are responsable like Apollo, more changes will have your body.


in your exp, how did you notice that it does something for mitochondria?

I remember the sensation of Sapien’s field. But I decided to avoid him.

More you use the field, more your changes. I wanna try to store it, but avoiding Sapien’s muscle recovery, I’m trying to understand if Demigod of Maitreya is a good choice.

One time I decided to store Greek God Beauty, and after many hours my muscles were in pain. So i’m experimenting ( plus my workouts, of course), but I don’t think muscle massage is a good choice to store.

If you have something to share, do it. In this way all the comunity will upgrade faster.


Why are you avoiding Sapien ?

There is a specific topic about this: Debates.