Local Vibration Riser

This is a simple but powerful field that raises your vibration and level of awareness, and also raises the frequency of everyone around you (in a 15m radius) to the highest level possible that it is able to be raised to, at that time. It also includes the Bomb of Love field.
The more people that carry this mandala, the higher the vibration the planet will become - as each person raises the vibration of those around them, and those people raise the vibration of the people around them, and so on.

DM: DM+A: Vibration Riser - MaitreyaFields


@MrNobody kids can listen to this without problems ?

shouldn’t be a problem


Does this field also raise our vibration to this extent? Or does it raise other people’s vibration to the highest level possible and raises ours generally

@Maitreya @Genius ?

Both, raise the vibration of you and the people around you.