Is there some problem in patreon?

I downloaded three treasure field from patreon but on playing it, it’s showing royalty free music in music player and field is also some 2 hrs long is there a problem?


I will check it out and reupload if have problem with it today.

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Maitreya, how much time does your team respond to emails in (patreon ap field)? Just asking, because I sent one in yesterday, just wondering when I would receive a reply.

The answer is: when we have time. :smiley:
We receive more than 300 messages daily…
Send it again haha


Maitreya is the issue of patreon resolved?

That’s the time for that audio. And if you have metadata of royalty music. So it’s right

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Okay, thanks Maitreya, I know you are busy.


if this is the case right now , i just cant even imagine how busy u will become when you are famous…

sighhh… we shouldn’t keep our hopes high…

Thanks Maity for all you do…


Forum is a good basis and later when people know how to listen, what to do, will be different :nerd_face: :smiley:


Hola @Maitreya
Translated by Google:

Hello on Maitreya’s Patreon.
What is the difference in becoming a Patron between the three prices of $ 3.33, $ 6.66 and $ 9.99?

No difference in “privileges”

@Maitreya So why are there different prices?

Patreon is for people who want to support our channel.


Translated by google
One more question:

  • How much difference is there in quality between the audios on Patreon and Youtube?.

there is no difference in energy quality.

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