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This audio is programmed for people who want to learn really fast specific language. The language will be DOWNLOADED to your subconscious level and in this way you will learn 100% faster. You will start to even understand people who talk this language (you know what they meant) without knowing the words for that.

We also changed some subconscious beliefs like “I can’t learn language, It’s very hard to learn this language, It will take forever to learn this language … and so on”

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Boosted version:

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Hi there, I bought the boosted version but it is a mandala and not an audio as described.

All previous audios in the store were made into mandalas
Here is maitreya mentionioning this:

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Hi gwared, I am on my phone mostly and this announcement must be far down, so I didn’t see it.

In any case, I am ok in either way, I just mentioned it so that maitreya can change the description if she missed it. :slight_smile:

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Working on it. Sorry about that.

Hi Maitreya, no worries just saying what I noticed.

May I also ask about the MP3 audio of the learn french fast?
It seems that in the 2nd part of the file there is kind of “watermark” sound. Something that sounds like: high something music.
Is it by design?
Because I personally find it very distracting.

It is more clear at the end, something like pine groove music?

You can use 20% of the volume, and it will work. Or DM: The Field Copier. This will allow you to copy the field into the music of your choice.

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Hi Polaris.

For people with OCD tendencies is almost impossible to ignore the watermark.

For the Field copier, respectfully, this is not a solution. As I just discovered Maitreya, I want to explore the results of her creations.
Instantly buying a high value DM is not the solution, when I am still pondering the results of the fields.
In all honesty, a better deal and far easier solution would be to buy a DM manager and then use the boosted version of any field.

We do not change music in the old files; I’m afraid it will stay the way it is. Fields are not about music (we use royalty-free, so it’s not music made by Maitreya) but the program that is in it; that’s why Field Copier was designed to allow you to have the same benefits while listening to your soundtracks. I prefer mandalas from the very beginning.

Sounds good, too. Follow the solution that resonates with you the most :slight_smile:

Ah, bummer. I like its music a lot, it relaxes me.
Well, I will see what I will do.

Thank you!