Do the fields work with 1 earbud?

Hi, Maitreya!
Today I accidentally broke my headphones and 1 of 2 earbuds doesn’t work now. Will your fields work for me even if I listen to them just with one earbud?

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Yeah, and listening through speakers will even be better


Thank you! :heart:

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I do not recommend that you listen to the fields with a broken earphone, try listening with a high quality earphone.

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Well, my headphones are pretty good. The only problem is right side doesn’t work.

Yes, I don’t recommend listening to frequencies, subliminals or fields with only one side of the earphones working, but that is just my opinion.

I have the same problem, only in the last few months 3 of my headphones were damaged, the only one left only works on one side, and the speaker on my notebook was damaged the last time I opened it, that is, this is the only way to listen.

If your headphones are streo, it won’t work. Because one ear and the other ear gives different sounds since they split the audio. I recommend phone speakers.

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