DM: Timeline Viewer / Quantum Jumper

This field allows you to enter a meditative state and visualize alternative timelines where you have already achieved your goals and manifested your desires. By doing so, you can “see” exactly which steps you took and the actions you made. This allows you to perform those same steps in your current reality (or simply be inspired by them) to take the actions you need to take.

Alternatively, this field can also be used to enter a state where you are able to see how different actions will play out to create different possibilities and timelines. You can use it to determine which actions and choices are best for you, by seeing exactly how each action or decision will affect your reality.


Whoa, man. This sounds too good to be true :smile_cat:
Thanks for making it!


How to use this? What are the procedure to use it? How we will be able to identify which one is a timeline view and which one is just our imagination?

There are lots of processes and meditations online, it may help to listen to a guided meditation for “viewing possible future timelines” while using this field. Here is one:


Oh this is audio and mandala… cool

While playing the audio version of this Timeline Viewer, I do creative visualisation for the scenes I wanted in my life. Can I do this way? or does it works this ways with this Timeline Viewer field? Anyone has any experience using this field while doing creative visualisation? THANKS!

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Do I need to meditate to, to enter these states?

For the best results, yes. You will be able to see and understand more if you are in a meditative state and a different brainwave.

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