DM: Keratin

Keratin is a protein found in the epithelial cells on the surface of your skin. Various types of Keratin are responsible for the growth, renewal, and structural integrity, and strength of your nails, hair, and skin. Keratin creates fibers that provide support and serve as a protective barrier against the elements. For that reason, there are a lot of products on the market containing Keratin in the hopes that it may help strengthen your own.

However, the best results always come from within.

This field provides your body with the vibration of healthy Keratin and helps it maintain its hair, nails, and skin in optimal health.


Would love to see an comprehensive “Age Reversal” DM ,have the appearance and energy of a 30-35- yrs of age - person, whole body, all organs and hormone’s ,etc reset, restored to such an age.

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@Maitreya Does this field have effect to the Ichthyosis disease of transmissibility?

This genetic problem causes a defect in the production of keratin, which does not bind effectively, resulting in a loss of water in the skin, making the skin extremely prone to dryness.