Comfort Food Satisfaction

Many people grapple with an addiction to junk food, fully aware of its detrimental health effects. This awareness and continued consumption create a vicious circle of guilt and pleasure. To attain that fleeting satisfaction and sense of well-being, individuals compromise their overall well-being, mental clarity, and health. Simultaneously, they often experience a decline in their sense of self-control and their perceived ability to manage their lives.

This energetically programmed field gives you a pleasant activation of the reward system in your brain, thus mimicking the effect junk food produces on people. At the heart of our reactions to pleasurable stimuli is the brain’s reward system, a network including the Ventral Tegmental Area (VTA) and the Nucleus Accumbens. These structures are instrumental in generating feelings of pleasure and satisfaction. When we consume junk food, rich in sugars and fats, this system gets stimulated, releasing dopamine and creating cravings, often leading to habitual consumption. However, this field is designed to provide those feelings of satisfaction, safety, and relaxation that one might seek after a taxing day or during stressful times, without resorting to unhealthy foods. Its ultimate objective is not only to assist individuals in overcoming junk food addiction but also to teach the brain to disconnect these rewarding sensations from unhealthy dietary choices, paving the way for improved well-being and healthier habits.