Why Having Goals is Your Secret Weapon Against the Blues - Part 1

Ever felt like you're just floating through life, kind of like a leaf in the wind, going wherever the breeze takes you? Sure, it sounds poetic and all, but let's be real: after a while, it feels less like an adventure and more like you're just... lost. This aimless drifting can be the express lane to feeling down in the dumps, or even worse, finding yourself stuck in a rut so deep you can't even see over the edge. So, why is having goals the game-changer, and what do you do if you're fresh out of them? Let's dive in.

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Loved this, in a similar boat currently. One of my fears from the last decade of my life is being so attached to a goal that I sacrificed everything else, burnt out and felt overall blah. It is teaching me balance, importance of prioritisation and a healthier outlook towards goal setting. But the fear of making a similar blunder keeps nagging away.

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