Question about mandalas and audios with F emitter

Would it be as effective to carry the audio in memory card with field emitter instead of mandala?

As some audios are free in the patreon such as the transmute sexual energy where as the mandala is not free, so is the effect same if I carry the audio version in my memory card compared to the mandala version of said field?

YouTube audios vs boosted

Audio fields have different energy than mandalas. Mandalas are designed to work 24/7, and they are 3x stronger.

The fields on YouTube are felt more strongly than mandalas due to the different frequencies. The farther your frequency is from the field, the harder it is to feel it. This means the results can be faster achievable, and permanent integration into the energy system can be quicker.

Boosted versions work with higher vibrations, more on the etheric body, so the person who uses them must be very energy-sensitive to be able to feel them. It doesn’t mean the field is not working if you don’t feel sensations.

Okay but this isn’t what I’m asking, is it okay to carry the patreon audio in the memory card with the field emitter? Would the effect be same or no? I understand the mandala is boosted but would the audio still work just fine even when carried 24/7?

Audios with the Emitter works fine for me. But I do not chose audios that would wear me out, like work out, detox, or meant to be like a treatment.
I chose balancing audios and audios I’ve used for a long time so I know they won’t be too much.
I use the Emitter with audios, mandalas from various creators. Saves me a lot of time. :slight_smile:

My bad you did answer my question, mandalas are better. :sweat_smile: