Maitreya store account recovery

Hey there, I recently got a new phone and with that I need my old downloads from Maitreya store that purchased a while back. I didn’t see any link on the web site so if anyone (@Maitreya maybe)can help show me back in that would be sweet. Thanks and happy spring :sunrise_over_mountains:

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Unfortunately, Maitreya Store doesn’t have an account feature like Gumroad, so the only way to get the downloads is by having the emails.
You can message her on here and she’ll help you out


Yes, unfortunately, as RockedIt mentioned, our store does not have an account option. It is necessary to resend the emails for orders if you have lost them. You can send me an email, and we will resolve this issue.

We are considering changing our website to consolidate everything into one place, but this idea is still only in the realm of possibilities. Haha.

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