Increase Creativity and Productivity

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The “AHA” moment is our favorite! When lightening blast your head and you know exactly what you need to do. That moment when great ideas are born and you are super happy and awakened! With this video we change your brainwaves to the brain and also the energy in your sacral chakra to boost you creativity. Also we blast you solar plexus and throat chakra so you can feel “the power” and blast your productivity!

We are also removing bad beliefs like “I am not creative, I don’t have any ideas, I don’t know what to do, etc.” and change them in your subconsciousness mind with positive ones. The beliefs changed with this videos are around 30, so make sure you drink a lot of water (better before listening).

Anyone can be creative. If you just dabble in painting, you’re no less creative than the person who makes it her entire career. While creativity was pushed aside because of the Industrial Revolution, it’s making a comeback amongst millenials in the information age.

You can use headphones and speakers. We recommend speakers so it can affect your whole body /subconsciousness mind/.

2-3 times listening per day should be enough.
You can listen it again when you feel the need.