Guarding And Sharing Your Energy

Hi, everyone!

Have you ever considered life as a grand theatre where we’re not just spectators but the lead actors? It’s a thought I’ve recently delved into. Our stage, script, and emotions are all interconnected with the energy we harbour and share. Like ships, we all have our set courses, but the crew we pick, whether filled with negativity or positivity, influences our voyage’s outcomes.

While life’s tides are unpredictable, sailing alongside radiant souls makes even the mightiest waves seem surmountable. Their unyielding spirit, their infectious hopefulness makes horizons seem endless and skies a tad brighter.

We’ve all had our share of rainy days, haven’t we? But do we want momentary clouds or endless storms? Protecting our energy isn’t about distancing ourselves; it’s about choosing wisely who we let in, ensuring our essence isn’t drained but instead amplified.

Our life’s richness is, after all, determined by our choices—the voices we let influence us, the souls we let close. Let’s inspire one another to make these choices count, making our journeys purposeful and our spirits ever-optimistic.

Here’s a pondering thought: Our energy is akin to a precious treasure.

How do we keep it safe yet share it with those who truly matter?

How do you balance guarding your energy and sharing it with the world?

I am looking forward to hearing from all of you!


In my view, we can guard our energy and share it with our loved ones by training our consious attention first and foremost. Spend time consciously with your family when you’re at the dinner table instead of distracting yourself away on your phone and scrolling through social media. In the same way be conscious about what automatic bad habits you automatically resort to when you’re about to do a task with a set goal in mind. Sometimes we set out to do something but get distracted by other videos on let’s say youtube then we’re researching a different topic altogether or are watching comedy,action skits/movie scenes that we didn’t intend to in the first place. We can start by being mindful about our actions and attention to invest our energy into wise and meaningful practices instead of going on a spending spree due to automatic unconsious habits. As the famous quote says “Energy flows where attention goes”.

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