Fraudulent Open Sea NFT Collection

We have noticed a fraudulent collection using Maitreya’s name and logo, that sells stolen images from her NFTs. We have sent a signal to Open Sea. This is the FAKE collection that does not belong to Maitreya:

We would like to inform you, that this is not Maitreya’s collection, thus those images do not contain fields and of course, do not work. The only real collections and stores that sell legitimate fields are listed here in the forum. If you have mistakenly purchased one of the fraudulent NFTs you can complain to Open Sea and request a refund and inform them that fraud has been committed.

This is the real NFT collection that does belong to Maitreya: Maitreya Fields | Venly

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Adding one more thing to this case. I opened a few months ago an OpenSea Collection ( ), but I have decided that it’s too hard for people with this method and didn’t continue to upload there new fields.

The other official collection with integrating virtues into people’s energy system is this: “Build a Human - Virtues” -

I am sorry for people who have been lied to. Please, pay attention and use the official links that are put into the forum and Youtube. As you can ask the seller for a refund and even send a report to Opensea.

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