DM: Hara Line Harmonizer

Imagine for a moment that we are like branches connected to a vine. We know that if the branch becomes damaged, blocked, broken or severed that the branch begins to wither or die. It is the same for us in our physical experience with our Hara Line connection. Our Hara Line connection resembles a laser beam of golden light that moves down from the higher octaves of Love, down through our I Am Presence, through our physical spine, through our Root and Earth Star Chakras, down through the Earth and anchors into the liquid golden Sun at the center of our planet. Here, the masculine aspect of the Divine meets with the Feminine.

Our Hara Line connection holds our Transpersonal Chakras and exits in the fifth dimension. It connects us to and aligns us with the Divine vibrations of Love, with the Source of all that is and is a vital connection needed to feed, nurture, up lift and sustain the spirit. The Hara Dimension also holds the encoded message of our life’s purpose. When we become blocked, broken or misaligned from this connection we lose our experience of the Divine, our passion for living, creativity, vitality and health of mind, body and spirit. We feel lost in the world, like we don’t belong and have a deep desire to go home.

The Hara Line is our link to ascension, our life purpose, and our power of manifestation. It is the basis for experiencing harmony with all life and the manifestation and creation of our dreams into physical tangible reality. It is the energetic structure that holds all our Higher Self’s intentions for us. It is an important step in our personal and collective awakening and transcendence. When it is in alignment, we are connected to Source, heart centered, grounded and balanced.

This field will align and harmonize your Hara Line, opening up the flow of chi or prana between all of our chakras and energy systems, improving our connection with Source and our Higher Self, our divine life purpose, and our personal mission and sense of self-fulfillment.

DM: DM: Hara Line Harmonizer - MaitreyaFields


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