DM: Black Hole

This field will allow you to experience what you may feel and see when like you are inside of a Black hole. It includes time dilation which is to experience the past present and future of the entire universe at the same time, as one. This is the real experience of the time as it is. You can also experience alternate universes and gain knowledge about other realms of existence.


This field will be uploaded in Youtube in a few days.



don’t sleep on this one

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Youtube version: Black Hole / Enegetically Progammed Audio - YouTube

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When I saw this thread I could have sworn the db request was accepted lol


I used this field in the storage of 12 hours for the night with Hum of Universe of Dream and Gate of abundance (this field every night). Mmm…I didn’t felt nothing. While when I used Quantum Jumper I woke up in the middle of the night with a single fast breath opening my eyes but in a conscious and relaxed state. After that, I returned to sleep so well.
Does anyone know what could happen with black hole? I’m so curious about.


I used this a couple of times and I felt like floating, fell in a relaxed state.
It was nice for meditatation.

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To people who have experienced this and the Void State: how would you describe the difference between the two.