Creation - Virtues Series [ Digital Mandala ]

The virtue of Creation is one of the fundamental laws of the universe, naturally accessible to all beings. As it is said, “Made in His image and likeness,” this means that every being is a co-creator of their own world and reality.

This ability can sometimes be forgotten due to various challenges beings face, or it can be reduced or even taken away if misused to harm others or cause trouble in the universe.

To fully harness and restore the virtue of Creation, one must have a great amount of kindness and compassion. It’s important to reach a level of understanding where it is not acceptable to intentionally hurt others and to use moral principles correctly.

Creation is not just about bringing new things into existence; it’s about shaping your reality with intention and purpose. By embracing the virtue of Creation, you become more aware of your power to influence your life and the world around you positively.

Explore the transformative power of Creation and see how it can positively impact all areas of your life. Whether you’re aiming for personal development, creative expression, or a deeper connection with the world, the virtue of Creation will guide you on your journey.

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