Cleansing and Release Mandalas/Protocols

Which are all the available Cleansing and Release mandalas? Does this list cover everything?

  • Chakra Fury
  • Brain Reset
  • Ego Detachment
  • Fearless
  • Fight or Flight
  • Inner Resistance Dissolver
  • Limit Breaker
  • Mind Control (?)
  • Release Guilt
  • Revision - Full Restart
  • Shadow Integration
  • Subconscious Beliefs Clearing
  • The Doer
  • Trauma Clearing

Any suggestions for full clearing with these mandalas? One protocol is

I plan to add Universal Cleaning + Eternal Cleaning to this protocol.

Creating a thread for cleansing protocols for people experiencing no results, slow results, blockages, energy overwhelming, etc.


You covered them all. Except Mind Control wouldn’t go on list. It’s purpose is different.

Clearing audios:
The Healing Chamber
Eternal Cleaner
The Universal Clearing
Christ Consciousness
Awaken The God Within

These audios push us further and in doing so cleanse alot of stuff

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Eternal Cleaner too?

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Sure. I will put it in my list

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Should I remove the Revision mandala when listening to the audios?

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Yes, you can do that. If you ever feel like you are stuck just use it again. I use it periodicly after i have done massive clearings to reset and returne to myself. Then i rest. It usually takes a half an hour most. But first you need to reach full reset, after that it’s easy to reset every time.

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Got it, so I cant keep carrying this mandala all the time and at the same time listen to the audios right?

Sometimes i do 3 or 4 day clearings and then i do reset. After reset you can do Reverse all Frequency audio. That canceles all energies in body including Revision energy. Try it out.

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In my experience i discovered that Revision sometimes goes well with others mandalas. For example it helped me to do better Shadow Integration. My Shadow was full of formulas/spells and once they were surfacing in consciousness i had to clear them with Revision. So i used Revision with Shadow Integration at same time and it worked great. After a while i noticed i don’t need Revision anymore and used only Shadow Integration. Once you get to know each clearing mandala you will know when to use each one of them. Sometimes Shadow Integration needed to be used with Trauma & Incident clearing cos Shadow surfaced with trauma to my consciousness. On other case i had to use it with Entity clearing mandala to expell entity. I noticed something on my head sensations and little pains in body. I realised Shadow bought to surface time when i had Entity attached and emediately added Entity mandala and in 10 minutes it was gone.

Shadow mandala is really something. When you do it it will bring many things up. It changes our awareness that needs to be also cleared. So does Fight & Flight, Doer, Release Guilt and all others mandalas.


So, now I added a bunch of clearing mandalas + universal cleaning + eternal cleaning + Awakening God series.

Got really sick today. Flu like symptoms, body aches, sore throat. I think physical detox is happening.


Can we use multiple mandalas at the same time?? I’m using sapiens and he recommends to use probably 1 at a time, is it the same with maitreya?