Can the face sculptor change the size of our noses?

I want a smaller nose and not the one I have now. Can the face sculptor change the size of my nose or it only changes the shape of it? I was told it changes the shape of features but not size but wouldn’t changing shape means changing size in a way?

It likely can. There are not many restrictions to these kinds of things. Unless you heard from Maitreya/Her team themselves that it can’t change size, I don’t see why it wouldn’t. I’ve had physical changes related to size of things from fields before.

Also I see no reason Maitreya would put that kind of limiter on a field designed to give you your ideal version of something. It doesn’t make sense.

I asked in another thread, can this face sculptor change the size of your eye and she said it can only change the shape of the eye and not the size of it. So I thought I guess it can’t do that to the nose then maybe. I wasn’t sure.

What physical changes have you had? If you don’t mind me asking.