The Reality Note (SR V4) Manifestor

Yeahhh ✧⁠◝⁠(⁠⁰⁠▿⁠⁰⁠)⁠◜⁠✧ I’ll definitely experiment this with TRN! I’ll also take advantage of my extraordinary author skills and write a emotionally charged scenes for sure. Well as @Polaris said we need leave room for Universe too so, I’ll just write chapter 1 :rofl: meeting of desired male lead and me, that’s it. Rest it’s upto universe :sparkles: Let me see if I’ll be able to manifest the characteristics of male lead and the meeting scene, I’ll definitely report it here if it happens. Till then I’ll be working on myself :sunglasses::sparkles:with the help of Maitreya works and God’s grace.


A hypersigil is basically an elaborate magic sigil. It’s a complex work of art, like a story or song, imbued with magical intent to influence reality. Think of it as a supercharged sigil. In can take the form of a story, a comic, movie, etc. Just another way we can use to communicate our desires to the Universe.

I wonder if someone has tried doing this before with TRN. The book “Weaving Fate” by Aidan Wachter describes an interested method that he has named the Black Book.


The Black Book is a form of what is called a hypersigil. A hypersigil is a long-form narrative work of magic. In our case, it takes the form of a journal of events or things we would like to experience that haven’t happened yet, written as a diary of things that have already come to pass. That may be a confusing concept, so let’s break it down. Imagine you wanted a new guitar or another musical instrument. In many forms of magic, we would ask for what we want using a statement of intent, petition, or by evoking a spirit and asking for it directly. In the Black Book, we will write about already having what we desire in our ‘diary’, in as much detail as we can. We embellish this ‘diary entry’ to such a degree that we can feel it, taste it, smell it, and we use certain cues to anchor the experience in our consciousness. We work towards our desires through as many diary entries as needed, to flesh out all aspects of how we want things to be in our life. We treat the Black Book in specific ways to help it become and remain magically active.

I decided to choose between Conceptual Manifestation Box and this one and I went for the box, so can’t test this myself rn.