Question about mutual love interest sensations

Hey, so maybe someone in the metaphysical community can help me understand something. I’ve recently been experiencing tingling and pinching sensations in my lip area that seem to be associated with reverse feelings of attraction. I’ve been flirting a lil with a few females and I notice sometimes without reason feelings of sill “like” and recurring thoughts of a female will just kinda follow me or haunt me a lil. Also tingling in the you know what area and maybe a brief feeling of connection along with it but here’s the catch… I’m not around them when it happens. K??

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I can only go deep into the area of guessing. But since you’re asking maybe you won’t mind that.

If these sensations are not usual for you, and I take it they are not since you are bringing this up, just maybe someone is putting some kind of spell on you for better or worse.

If so, it could be various levels of a good or bad thing for you. Depending on how the person really feels about you. And depending on their moral character. And depending on what you want and if it lines up with what they want.

If someone is using something like this it would seem to indicate that they are not strong in moral character. But that can be balanced out some by the possibility that they are infringing on your free will naively. Thinking it will turn out to be a good thing for you but not strongly trusting that the natural process of communication and attraction will work out well for them.

Or it could be something worse like someone just playing around to see how much power they can have.