Question about Mandalas Manager & Field Storage Creater

Hi , I’m perpare to get Mandalas Manager & Field Storage Creater for facilitating the use of audio fields and mandalas. I have some question about the dm and field:

  • Should the metal for storing field be pure ? Or can it be alloy, metallic compound like Magnets, Brass, etc ?

  • The Mandalas Manager seems can be modify the DM’s range of effects. What is the range that can be modified ? 5 ~ 30cm or according to me ?

  • I found The Field Boardcaster also have the ability to increase the range of any dm that lying on it to 15m. “The Field Broadcaster is also an amplifier, in that it will also emit the field of any mandala or item you place on top of it. This allows you to receive the fields of your mandalas without carrying them, as long as you are within the diffuser field.” Which one is better ?