Love and Happiness to Overwhelm the Planet

This field brings a wave of Divine energy of love and happiness through you to reach the whole world. Everyone who needs that energy will be able to absorb it. In time, the wave will increase your own capacity to feel love and will make you a better and better conduit to love and happiness.


Friendly tip to everyone trying out this field - Just passively listening is not enough!

You must allow yourself to be a channel. Consciously choose to allow the “wave of Divine energy of love and happiness” to flow through you, and remain in that state of allowing. Do not try to do anything with it, don’t try to direct it, amplify it, control it - Do not do anything but allow it to flow through you.

Effectiveness x 1000. Try it and see.


Overwhelm. A strange method to associate with Love, indeed. I’ll contemplate on this. Thanks.


awesome tip man. tried it and almost felt high.


@Maitreya DM pls? :pleading_face:
Or is it safe to carry on my emitter 24/7 thanks for this btw <3