Listening to Subliminal and Maitreya playlist at the same time

I am quite experienced subliminal listener. I tend to use BWEs, subliminals and such daily. Helps me quite a lot. I feel myself refocusing on the THEME if when learning I am using a learning subliminal.

Question is - is the core of how Maitreya creates files good to be used with subliminals?

As per the small test I did - works great with those that don’t have a binaural/isochronic track and are in ultrasonic frequencies. But there are questions about whether they should be used if a sub has a binaural track?


For the moment there is no contraindication on the use of maitreya audios with subliminals or frequencies.The question is whether your nervous system can handle everything , especially when it comes to very powerful audio (energies, subliminal, frequencies …).

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which subliminal producers do you use?

Btw, I myself mix them and they seem to work just fine.

You can mix affirmations and fields without any problem. I’m not sure if binaural beats are permitted though