How to overcome laziness to practice meditation and listening to the fields? (Energetically charged and morphogenetic). My story: I want to be the best version of myself. I want to exercise, abstain, maintain a calorie deficit, etc. When something goes wrong, for example, I break down on junk food, then I postpone everything for tomorrow, for a new week, the first day of the month. How to overcome it?

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By looping Persistence Fire.


No question! This one is doing wonders for me.


Sapien Med also has a similar field


I also use that one in my morning playlist. Stop procrastinating and Unstoppable willpower. Get er dun!


How exactly does this field work and is the effects long term I read the description of it but am wondering if other people have long term effects with this

You can read the description again. The field does exactly what the description states. I stopped using the field coz I didn’t have the use for it at the time. So I can’t say about this becoming permanent in my case as I didn’t use it for long.

But it worked amazingly when I used it before. I’m sure this will become permanent due to the last part (reward for taking action).

It has worked better than any field I’ve tried for taking action.