I have no option but to rid myself of schizophrenia but how?!

People are creeping in to my mind/body thing…. Spirit…idk​:man_shrugging: I AM strong and have martial discipline but know no other way… PLEASE because I don’t know how to help this world and heal myself… one has to come before the other. :pray::pray:

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I live w someone who is…. Creepy and unapologetic… idk how to rise above since I’ve been told I’m “stronger” but they may not know how they ARE corrupt…!:pray::man_shrugging:

Dude, you already posted the same thing yesterday, and people are already trying to help you with tips, have you put any into practice at least? Repeating the same post won’t bring you the solution any faster, you need to stay calm, it won’t resolve itself overnight. In fact all it seems is that you are saying: Bring me the solution now! But things don’t work that way.


With all the knowledge available here it is possible to solve your problem, you just need to stay calm.

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GABA has been used for people with schizophrenia and they got wonderful results with it. But glycine is easier to absorb and still raises GABA levels. You might want to consider giving glycine a try, is not dangerous at all.

If it is neurological problem then the glycine may be able to help.

Schizophrenia has been linked to high dopamine levels. A simple way to antagonize dopamine is by increasing oxytocin levels.


Thank you but it feels…. Mindful… my aura and chakra seem infected… like I think and feel but think with an unnatural influence these days… cutting cords doesn’t seem to work so maybe just I should try EVERYTHING. :man_shrugging::crossed_fingers::pensive:

I was shot gunning my needs… idk who frequents this forum but am fed up…(obviously) I’ll do what you suggest but idk why I feel this invasion and (still🙏) appreciate all your advice. @Maitreya

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