I feel like I’m way off track and need guidance

I feel like I’m way off track right now and could use some guidance. I feel like I’ve accumulated ridiculous amounts of karma and entanglements and I’m not sure how to proceed, so any help or guidance would be appreciated.

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You might want to consider these approaches: self-reflection and practicing mindfulness, setting clear goals and priorities, and gradually disentangling yourself from unnecessary commitments. Taking small steps in each of these areas may help you regain a sense of direction and clarity.

You can try the following fields to provide you with some help in that area.

[Root Chakra Healing / Recharging / Balancing]

[Heart Chakra Healing / Recharging / Balancing]

[Third Eye Chakra Healing]

[Focus On Now - Instant Focus and Mindfulness]

[Divinity Activation]