Holisitc/Natural Remedies

I would like to encourage you to share your favourite natural remedies for better health. What do you use for flu, cough, headaches, pain, stomach etc. etc? Sometimes old natural ways are way much better than medications and with almost 0 side effects.
This is a recipe that my auntie shared with me a while ago.

Natural Immune Support Mixture:
2 lemons
1 big ginger (or more if you like it spicy)
Lime Honey (or any other) must be as natural as possible. Manuka is top 1.

Cut lemon with skin into pieces. Same with ginger (skin is optional, but there is a lot of good stuff in the skin, too). Add honey to the blender on the bottom. Add chopped lemon and ginger on top. Blend it to a smooth consistency. Put it in the glass jar. Store it in the fridge. You can take 2 spoons a day, or add it to the tea (never to hot water).

This is the old Easter European mixture for cold and flu (this is disgusting :nauseated_face: but healthy, lol)It will make you sweat, so you can get rid of the flu really fast.
3-4 cloves of chopped garlic (not pressed)
Glass of milk
Honey (it has to be natural)

Cook milk with garlic slowly. Let it cool for a minute or two, then add honey (never add honey to hot liquids; it kills healthy properties). Drink it, try not to vomit, and sweat this disease out.


Green drink leafy greens + celery+ cucumber + bee pollen very potent + directly heals heart chakra , dissolve trauma , hate , unresolved emotions + great cleans for cellulite , shiny hair , strong nails and much more . :four_leaf_clover:
Great help in fighting cancer.
Rise vibration :dizzy::stars:

Mother nature offer us a link so we are free & healthy with clean heart :green_heart: we just need to drink it :grinning:


Amlaki for Vit C round the year
Milk boiled with turmeric for strength
Raw garlic on empty stomach for keeping heart issues at bay
Raw ginger to prevent acidity
Using pillows made of black mustard seeds for infants to minimize deviations from roundedness of head
Using oils directly at the navel for efficient distribution
Coriander Seed water on empty stomach for reducing indigestion/ bloating
Fennel Seeds for reducing inflammation
Fenugreek seed water for tackling high blood sugar levels
Whole cloves for breath freshening and healthy gums
Brahmi leaves for enhancing memory
Neem leaves for blood purification
Gokanta leaves for Anemia


Raw pumpkin seeds work well for intestinal parasites.
Whenever I got sick, I intuitively started to eat pinnapple core which instantly made me feel 70- 80% better
Also I was doing some research on Vitamin D while sick and found that a high one time dose of 50,000iu of Vitamin D was very effective against viruses and that worked the best for me


For indigestion/digestive issues: make an infusion with 3 bay leaves and the peel of half a lemon. Boil at high heat until it has a light yellow and greenish color. Actually tastes delicious :slight_smile:


Essiac tea
Chappral tea, Robido ( red bush) tea all on amazon, find it locally, Ebay, herbal websites
remedies.net ( ALL they make is ESSIAC DRY BULK or already made tea) for a myriad of brand name uneasiness/dis-ease’s( dis-ease the lack of ease) free booklet on the site.
spinich, leafy green veggies, fruit smoothies
I also use soundofstars frequencies which include some herbal ones as well. you can ‘search’ the website if you like.