Help to make a ban

I want to ban someone from my home, I’m thinking of using enchanter shop de regius for this, but I don’t know exactly which words to use for the enchantment.

Who are u trying to ban? :joy: Is it an ex or roommate or something?

My sister.

rough situation?


Have u tried asking people who could deal with that? Like police or something?

They do nothing.

What does she want from u? Why does she keep coming to your house?

She lives here, it’s a long story.

Where is she gonna go if you ban her

This may help?

I believe that the description does not fit people, only entities and energies.

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Frankly, I don’t care, I should go to the street after doing so much harm to my family.

I remember reading on Sapien’s forum that someone used this and it got rid of their toxic roommate.

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I see, I’ll try.

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I can’t quite understand how to use this, maybe the translation is wrong, should I just look at the image wishing that the person I want is banned?

I did not find such an account on the sapiens forum either.

You might try this one (in spanish, but language doesn’t matter since is programmed energy)

This video is to make obstacles (which can be represented by circumstances or by people) disappear from our lives in a peaceful way.

The creator suggests listening to it in a state of meditation while visualizing in our minds that the person or situation we want to remove from our life, is vanishing as if it were made of smoke.

You can read the full description/instructions downloading his free app from Android Play Store and searching the video there.

I know this creator is not well known in the non-hispanic community. But trust me, he is TOP NOTCH. His formulares are in the same level than maitreya’s / sapien’s / spirituality zone’s.


I will try brother, thanks.

Do I need to do this every day until it works?