Follac energy

My friend dreamed of pink energy, pink fire, with extremely powerful magical properties, he was called follac, could anyone know anything about this?

Is ‘follac’ a being? I don’t understand the context of the request.
Did the person experience it as a nightmare?

Fire and flames are often experienced as a way to clear energies by burning away the old, negative energy, and anything that no longer serves the person.

A great way to clear the solar plexus in seconds is to place a candle near your body. This can clear out anything that is stored there within seconds.


No, it wasn’t a nightmare, it was more like a revelation dream, follac is a flame that is on another planet, and has the ability to grant super powers to whoever connects to it, in this dream my friend was talking to someone else who also said about it, he had telekinesis, and he said that he got it using follac, but that he didn’t practice much because he had other occupations. I don’t know if it was just any other dream, but this friend often has similar dreams of revelations, I didn’t know about the solar plexus flame, I definitely need to test this.

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