Fields to cure achille talon tendinopathy caused by quinolones

Hello everyone, does anyone know if a field that cures tendons exist? more precisely achille tendinopathy caused by quinolones, i know a lot of people suffer from this pathology and i dont have any viable solution atm. Thank you.

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try this, I requested it as I thought I had a tear in my achiles. let me know how it works. I have had good results with his other healing fields

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thank you mate ill try it, i’ve been struggling with this pathology for years it’s a nightmare.

i can feel some tingling in the tendons so it should work at least i hope, thanks again :slightly_smiling_face:

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also maitreya has skeletal system and joint regen field, sapiens joint regen field and plasma light could help as well but I thought that would be good as it is specific for achiles

alright i’ll check them out. i’ll let you know once i tested it.

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Let me know how sigh fields go

Tey smart steme cells by sapien and ask it to heal any damage area that needs to be healed or use plasma bioactive at same way which is in yt


Thanks everyone for your replies, i will test all the options you gave me.
i’ve found those videos on the same subject but they are a bit too strong for my situation ill leave them here perhaps it will be useful to some of you.

Have a good day.

hello the field from sigh seems to be working very well, i will test the gumroad version now.


what results have u seen?