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Kryptonian dna/photonucleic effect DM- basically this would change gravity’s effect on the body giving super strength speed and durability 10000 plus increase and levitation

basically this would give one the powers of a kryptonian on earth
If the siddhis are real then this could be possible

an automated udana phase shift may be useful to facilitate levitation

We might as well become superheros the earth has a good 40 years at best


The superheroes can save the world.


Good luck:


Where are you getting that from? Lol


suspicious observers- according to this guy who studies natural phenomenon the earth is going through it’s 12000 year cycle which will result in some pretty significant earth changes going through the next couple of decades 40 years i being generous its already started 6000 Year Disaster Cycle - YouTube
Safe Zones, Animal Anomalies, Primary Risks | Advanced Catastrophism - YouTube

Yeah, the world might burn and explode due to excess light/heat, but Tesla tech could probably save it.

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