Faith (Patreon Exclusive)

Faith is considered to be the first of the three Divine virtues-the other two being Hope and Love. In theology it is considered that those virtues are a gift from the grace of God. Thomas Aquinas explained that these virtues are called theological virtues "because they have God for their object, both in so far as by them we are properly directed to Him, and because they are infused into our souls by God alone.”

Faith is a virtue that might sound as an abstract quality when we read about it in religious literature, but the fact is we need faith every day of our lives. We need faith to believe in the success of our efforts when we have no certainty in the outcome, to defy anxiety, to believe there is a solution to any problem that life brings us, to avoid despair and not give up in our ordinary, yet all-important everyday battles.

This field has been created to give you the highest octave of faith and the ability to practice it in your daily life and feel it within you, regardless of the circumstances.


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