Do you make you own music?

I am asking this because most of the songs you use for your audios are amazing! Ranging in different types of genres, but almost all of them are dulcet! So do you make your own music, or are they premade?


It’s royalty free music (I know because I’m a music producer and filmmaker/editor so I’ve heard a lot of the music on royalty free sites, and also because sometimes the field downloads still say Royalty Free in the file name)


We use royalty free music.
Someday we can find someone with whom we can work with,
with better music. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


The downloaded version of Three Treasure shows royalty free as the name. Can I change it without affecting its effectiveness?

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I prefer fields with simple nature sounds, simple frequencies or practically no sound at all because we can play them while we sleep or play them behind other music :slight_smile:

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