Do Maitreya Fields Made through Buddhist Rituals..?

I am a Muslim and I want to know wether the Maitreya Fields are Made through Buddhist Rituals…?

Why would it matter if they are done through buddhist rituals? Does islam teach to reject buddhism? If so, then islam is no different than other religions.

The word religion comes from the latin word “religare” which means “to bind”.

Religions were designed to limit the spiritual development through dogma.


Our fields do not belong to any religion or cult.


Our belief is that there is one Creator of Everything, from whom everything originated and exists within everything and everyone. We also believe that the Universe was created by this pure consciousness, which built everything with love and gave beings the opportunity to enjoy, learn, and sometimes suffer in order to learn different things. That is all, and we are not bound to any particular religion. We respect all religions and their beliefs, and we even encourage people to have pure spirituality and to turn to God when they need it. For us, love is the greatest power.


Thanks for your response, and my doubt has been cleared… Thanks :blush:

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