DM: The Field Broadcaster

i cant really test it that way, im not sensitive,

and im just following this part

good find tho

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Is the Cellphone Laptop EMF Protection considered environmental field? Also, does anyone have the list of all of Maitreya’s fields that are considered environmental?

EMF works on you. It’s not enviromental

Home Series, Palo Santo, Local Vibration Raiser, UV-C Light. That’s all I remember for now.

Thank you. Can I use EMF protection for my son’s laptop? He is only 12 though. I asked because I read that the kid’s mandala is the only safe one to use.

You can

Thank you. Is it ok to have mandalas with me while I have my son sitting next to me (in airplane)?

If you use the Manager, you don’t need to worry because it transfers fields only to you. If it’s on your wallpaper, then it is within the 30cm range. So you can keep it on the other side of your body to prevent that.

Could you let me know if this is correct setup? My folder is in my computer and it has Mandala Manager, Field Emitter, Field Broadcaster, Field Optimizer + all other fields. I am thinking to move this whole folder to my cell phone when I am travelling abroad. Can I do this and is this still the correct setup?

Also, I have a separate folder for Field Broadcaster in my computer at home. In it I put the environmental fields only such as Cellphone protection, Home series, Get Along, Plant Support, UV-C Light and Vibration Riser. Is this ok or do I have to print the Field Broadcaster or do I have to always carry the Field Broadcaster with me (such as in USB or cell phone) for it to work since it has the 30cm range?

You don’t need to move it to your phone. MMv2 allows you to be connected anywhere. You can be away 1000 miles from your PC and it still works.

You don’t need to print it.