DM: SBR Part 2: Collective Consciousness

We live in a shared reality. So we can be affected by other people’s thoughts, behavior and emotions even without being consciously aware of them. For example, once there were two different islands of monkeys. They were very far from each other and they had no way to contact each other either. One of the monkeys suddenly started washing food in sea water so others from that island started doing the same. However after a while the other monkeys from different islands suddenly built up the same habit even though they had no contact with each other. So it shows that in shared reality we can be influenced in different ways by the behavior and thought patterns of other people. That’s how collective consciousness works. This audio helps you to be your true self and creates protection from being influenced from the thought pattern and behavior of other people. And the negative thoughts that are sent towards you which subconsciously creates situations that can be troublesome. This also allows you to “accept” the truth. Because subconsciously we tend to resist many things by thinking “it’s too good to be real” even though we consciously know it’s possible. This happens because people can’t rise above their own denial by bypassing their ego and limited thought pattern. That’s one of the reasons why many people don’t experience results from fields or subliminals. It also creates an open minded thought pattern which allows you to think outside the box and allows you to accept different possibilities in all aspects of life. It also removes any type of self doubt and fear by increasing self worth and confidence.


Is this stronger and more effective than “unplug from egregores”?
Or does this act in a way that prevents us from being impacted by both emergent and established collective ?


Collective consciousness is a bit different than egregores. I would say it includes all egregores plus much more. SBR will help you to understand and detach yourself. If you swim in the collective ocean for such a long time, it’s hard to discover who you are, so this field will allow you to integrate with your true self without being affected by others.

I would say it’s good to use both fields in the upcoming months. Anything that helps you get out of the matrix and collective is a good idea.


Thank you for the explanation :pray:t2:
This with the autonomous field would be a good pair then.