DM: Magical Objects

This field is programmed to charge your intentions to objects with pure unconditional love which is the strongest energy in the whole Universe.

This mandala to be used for filling the object placed on it with unconditional love + purpose written on a piece of paper.

Purpose / desire should be positive only! Up to 2 desire/purpose can be written on paper. Effects of supercharged items will stay for 7 days. After 7 days the process can be repeated.

The purpose / desire won’t work if it is to harm anyone including self, intention is bad, over power someone or any form of negative action.

Examples for supercharging :

Object - perfume bottle: super charged with attracting wealth, raising environment vibration.

Bed: nice and good sleep, recharging, fill my cells with unconditional love for healing

Water bottle : super charged with unconditional motivation, balancing all elements of the consumer.

Car key : be on the right path + safe driving.

Medicine : remove negative side effects, cure the cause along with removing the symptoms.

Sun glasses: show the bigger picture of the situation, protect from harmful rays.

Candle: raise love in the environment, remove toxins from the environment.

Charging process is around 15 minutes.

Updated: Now effects of supercharged items will stay for 60 days.


Wow :ok_hand: you made my request! … I am so happy and thankful :pray::pray::bouquet:


very interesting this mandala :slightly_smiling_face:.

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wow :heart_eyes:


Badass Mandala for sure!

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Just to make sure… If I charge a ring with motivation and unstoppable will power and give it to another person it will work? For some reason I can’t help myself with certain fields so I’ll be buying this one either way.


Yes, it will work if he resonates and want this change in his life. If he doesn’t want this, it will be blocked.


how does an intention on an object achieve desired results ?!or is it not just an intention, but love energy programmed with the intention for this love to reach this objective or manifest our intention ?!

In fact I especially want to know if the loaded object is the equivalent of a boosted field which is on maitreyastor? Or so after loading an object with intention, we can still boost it so that it has more power ?!


Can you please provide and example of how one should word the written Intent


You have to write the intention on a piece of paper and put it on the mandala.


Love makes the charge and your intention creates what to be put in the object.
For example i charge my perfume:
Activating mandala with perfume on it and with my intention i give the things i want:
to give me confidence, to be attractive, to be seen more…

or more like for me i can give intention to make me more invisible to society lol

Other example:
Put this mandala on bed, Activate it and give intention to make it comfy, to give good sleep and rest, to give me fresh and calm feeling when i go to bed, etc


Maybe I am being to picky. I write my intention statements very carefully

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This way it should be when you sit to work.
This is the half work :slight_smile:


later tell us how it goes with this mandala, and what are your results.


@Maitreya Does this uses neutral/zero point energy while item creation?

this mandala uses energy of unconditional love from the source

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I know that. I was asking if it uses neutral energy too which is used to make audios along with unconditional love

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Of course


Crystal clear mental clarity
Laser focus
Protection from all physical and non physical danger
Amplify ability to mentally project Thoughts
Enhanced critical thinking
Enhanced conceptual thinking
Ability to see the true intentions of others
Confidence in all I/you do
Balance and Harmonize energy in and around me

more to come…


Anyone who purchased this mandala and started using it, how has your experience with it been?