DM: Limit breaker

I didn’t even know this DM mandalas existed . As i been using and carrying at least 26 Mandalas i’m sure that is why my progress is slow because my energy is overloaded :crazy_face: . Well this is gonna be on my list next


When using mutant soldier did you notice mostly a charge in jing chi or was it equally distributed between the three cauldrons (jing, chi, shen)?

@Maitreya How much will my ability to listen to audios or carry more mandalas with me increase if I use this? For example, if you recommend using 5-6 mandalas, and in my field emitter I add this plus Quantum booster plus the energy sensitivity mandala, how many extra mandalas apart from the 5-6 can I carry? Without slowing down the results and functioning with the same power, of course.




I used this with the quantum booster DM for a few hours a day and it definitely helped increase the total amount of time I can use DMs per day although my capacity is lower than yours so I measure it in total hours per day rather than the amount of DMs I can have on :sweat_smile: Everyone’s different so no one can give you a definitive answer on how much you’ll be able to increase your capacity (but if you keep it in your daily essential DMs, you can definitely keep increasing it). You’ll have to explore and experiment on your own but I can tell you it definitely works. Be sure to pace yourself though or you’ll end up overloading like I did (different to just excess energy and nervous system overload as I think Limit Breaker takes care of this, I found my body feels overheated in the TCM sense). I also realised through experimenting that some DMs are much stronger than others (like the Christ Consciousness one for me) so you have to be wary of that too when planning what DMs to use and for how long.


How should we use the energy from this mandala for healing? Is it just because more energy speeds up healing in the body passively or is there an active way to use this mandala for healing (e.g. a command).


Open the mandala or focus in your mind, and simply say your intention. It could be “Make sure I have enough energy for the joint healing process” so it won’t use energy from your body, but directly from the mandala. Healing crisis might still apply.


Kinda used to those by now but they are getting better. Thank you so much!

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hello, i want to purchase this but cant seem to find this file on gumroad only on maitreya store its available


We have some fields that are exclusive to our Store only. Also, some fields are available only on Gumroad.


Hello everyone just an update.

Bought this yesterday 20th November.

This field gave me incredible amount of energy to discover the beyond. I always had zero point awareness but i dint really try much to collect energy and transmute them into higher centres because i wanted to ground and stay in physical and enjoy it for some time, yeah2 ego took over :joy:

But after using this field, i was meditating and my heart centred opened, i discovered the passage at pineal gland and above. So this field was a game changer in terms of providing the required energy to achieve such lucidity closed eyes

But decided to go for it when I’m truly stable in the physical first so now I’m grounding my ass off. Hehe thank you maitreya :pray:t3::heart:


Thank you for sharing! :slight_smile:

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