Digital Mandala: Chameleon Protection

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Hello, just an update on this field.

Bought this yesterday, and saw immediate reaction afterwards.

My brother tried to negatively send me a remark, he went into illusion immediately. He dint even complete the sentence and was busy with the internet

My mom tried to physically force me something, afterwards she went into an illusion on her own. Even my sister remarked her sudden obsession afterwards

They dint disturb me until i initiate the talk with them and then they talk as usual

This is a very powerful protection and non harming to other beings also. Personally, this is a masterpiece and i combined it with in your favour, i feel unstoppable. Thank you :pray:t3:


Thank you for sharing! So good to read that :slight_smile:


Will it work on digital setting. For example, daily stand up call

It will work. Energetic protection extends beyond the physical realm.


I’m interested to see how this plays out with my father. Due to life’s circumstances, I am living with my parents again. My dad has always been an authoritarian. Just the other day I got told If you’re in my house, you’ll follow my rules or do what you’re told. Which I said no to. He lost his sh!t to be told no. It was a respectful and firm no.

He is making what I feel to be two unreasonable requests and changing the rules on how I live without a discussion.

Insight guard has helped with the discussion but he keeps complaining to my mother that I am doing these things he told me/doesn’t want me to do.

This is creating tension and just now my mom came to me, telling me to just do what he wants to keep the peace.

Will see what happens when I don’t follow his unreasonable requests.

When I got up, I bought the chameleon and the best version of yourself. I use manager to connect them to me and stared at them for a bit to soak in the energy. And I could feel something shifting.

A few hours later…

So I had an interesting interaction with my mom this morning. She’s like your dad just keeps getting so upset about you doing these things. Just do what he says keep the peace you know he won’t change.

I didn’t really say anything. I just listened and then walked away got ready and went to the gym.

I’m driving to the gym. I’m contemplating OK why is this situation happening? This my ego my standing up for myself because honestly my whole entire life the last 20 years of it I was a doormat just did what I told and was a people pleaser.

So the last few years I’ve been breaking out of that pattern and that behaviour.

On the way to the gym a memory pop up. It’s me sitting at the table my dad telling me to eat liver, which I hated and says you’re not leaving the table till your dinner is done. Me being defiant in my head, but not saying to him… Since I refused to eat the food, he sent me hungry and told me stay in your room As a punishment for not eating food or not doing what he told me to do. A few hours later, my mom would always come bring me Some other food.

So I realized I’m repeating the same pattern my father being authoritarian me defying him, and my mother being the peacekeeper.

So I’m still processing this and figuring it all out, but I’m gonna sit with it and see if this really matters. I’ll let the fields work and get rid of the karma or patterns whatever as I process it.

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