Blessings to all (Patreon Exclusive Only For Tier $9.99)

This field has been created to give you the highest Divine blessing for you specifically, your life circumstances and life path. It will also send through you Divine blessing for the highest good of all humanity and the whole planet.

The field is activated through the word ‘Blessings’. When you think or say it, while looking at your mandala, it will bless you and the whole world.

PS: Field will work only for those who are part of the tier.


I’m not a Patreon member (not now), but I like to know everything I can.
So with this field also our “enemies” could benefit from our tools hardly searched and reached?
Is not possible give the intention to the mandala to exclude some people who harmed or wants to harm ourself? For example with intentional thinking naming one by one or by our higher self or maybe subconscious.
It will good to know for everyone I guess.
Thank you as always for your work. I know that we’ll build up together.

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this one is new, if not on patreon 9.99 then it will stop working??

I think that’s the idea…

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Do all audio and other mandala on patreon only work if you are still a member ?

works even if your not a member
except “i think” these 3

Hermetic Teachings
Blessings to all
Emotional Awareness

Thanks :smiley:

Also have “PS: Field will work only for those who are part of any of the tiers.”

the forum description doesnt have that line,

Applies to all new patron fields. (which has this line in the description on Patreon)

These will work as membership bonuses for the tiers. once you stop membership you will lose access to these fields as well. old patreon-exclusive fields don’t have this only the new ones. This has been applied as a protection guard for the loyal members as we offer patreon-exclusives as an act of gratitude for our supporters who are supporting us since we started this journey and supported us in all ups and down.

We are grateful and thankful to our supporters for their love and support, so thank you again for your love and support we are truly grateful. :heart:


If stop membership then be a member again ? those mandalas just stop during that time?

Once you re-join it will start working for you again, so there is nothing to worry about.