Bad insomnia

A girl I’m almost bout to date is up all hours because her mind won’t let her sleep. For whatever reason she may have dealt with some messed up sh!t so my understanding has me looking in this direction naturally. But I really know not where to start but I need not be attached to anyone toxic or pron to victimhood so maybe any suggestions where to help her(assuming she actually wants to repair herself. Thanks

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FAST WORKING DEEP SLEEP MUSIC FREQUENCY: Melatonin Production - Help Insomnia - YouTube 3 times is enough for a good night’s sleep.


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There is an updated version also


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Might I also suggest Maitreya’s “Remove negative cellular memory”. The reason why I suggest this one is because you mentioned that she might have gone through something in the past (perhaps a type of trauma) or something happened that made her feel unsafe that could cause the insomnia. Any of the trauma healing fields as well as the remove unconscious fear one should help as well, but it might make the problem worse if she listens to it at night while trying to sleep, as it might bring up a lot of stuff to deal with. The reason why I suggested the clear negative cellular memory one is because I’ve had some great experiences with it personally. It has such a calming effect on my body and mind, I felt totally at peace and relaxed, so I’m certain it will help her relax for sleep as well as help with the underlying problem.