Affirmation for psychic attack

for people who suffer from psychic attack please try this :
“If anyone tries to attack me psychologically or psychically, I bless the energy and send it back to them”.
speared the good knowledge :dizzy:


Nice, like sending healing energies

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I like this a lot. It is very similar to a practice I have found very effective. It’s just a shame, realizing now, once again, how I had opportunities to apply it today, and it never even crossed my mind. Creatures of habit.


yes but its like transform the bad energy not sending new one … :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :dizzy:

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:heartbeat: :heartbeat: if you need it you have to do it … psychic attack is not something one can live - happily - with

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This is playing the duality game, which will cause further attacks. They send you dark, you respond with light, so they respond with dark, so you respond with light…

You can play this game if you want, but you should understand what you’re doing. To the light, dark is offensive. To the dark, light is offensive. Both are correct, even if they’re due to limited perspective.


it works for me nothing bad come back …


Bless those who curse you , do good to those who hate you, pray for those who spitefully use you.

What do you recommend?

If you want to stay within 3D reality and use 3D tools, then yes that is how you remain light polarized when you are confronted with dark polarized attacks. But, remember the last part of that verse “in so doing you will reap burning coals upon their heads.”

When you come up with clever ways of “counter-attacking”, you are still putting out the energy of attacking, and that energy comes back. It may not come back from the same person, but it will come back. That’s what I meant by the cycle of attacks will continue. It’s duality.

I’m not really making a recommendation, just clarifying the result of the line of thinking that started this thread. If that’s still how you want to operate, then you’ll get no judgment from me.

However, beyond light and dark polarities, beyond duality, there is another space, the Divine, the I AM, the “beingness”.

I have learned some seriously powerful light-based techniques these past few years, but when it comes to shifting conflicts to harmonious outcomes, nothing has even come close the results of when I merely focused on keeping myself in that state and allowing it to shift the environment.

Not only that, but it breaks the cycle. Those whom I was at war with thanked me, apologized for their actions that came from their place of confusion due to being off the path of their divine purpose, and we parted ways on good terms.

If healing energies are what you want, this is it. If winning the war between light and dark are what you want, then this is not for you.

Personally, I have grown weary of war.


It was an honest question. Not with a snide attitude like “do you have something better?!”

So, thanks for sharing your outlook.


I think with our methods of “attack” revealed, neither of us would mind having each other as enemies. We should almost make a pact to be enemies with each other on purpose. BEF.

When I bless someone I’m not doing it to attack them, but to alleviate my own suffering, but the blessing I send them happens to be the thing they need most in order to alleviate their own suffering. I’m sure they can always reject it. It’s not a will-override.

Yes, I know it was an honest question. We’ve had enough interactions these past couple years that I knew your question was genuine. It was for this reason that I took time to really think this through before I replied - I wanted to respond well.

Personally, it feels like I tried to sum up a novel in two paragraphs…we as humanity have access to new energies now that we’ve never had access to before. As a result, whole new ways of being & operating are being revealed, some of them profound and worth sharing IMHO.


Great. I just wanted to be sure.

New energies - I sure hope so.

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