According to maitreya team, what is the way to permanently eliminate anxiety?

I have anxiety since I was 11 years old, I have been using antidepressants for a long time, but I still have anxiety problems in many situations, social situations, etc. The last time I told my doctor about this situation, he said, “There is nothing more we can do, modern medicine achieves this much.” In your opinion, what is the way to completely eliminate anxiety?

If you have money, you should start by changing doctors, look for a professional who understands integrative and natural medicine, and does not use drugs to treat the problem, drug bullshit, they are just poisons that do not bring any benefit to health, they do not cure disease some, they only relieve the symptoms, in exchange for several side effects that will bring other diseases in the long term. The literature shows hundreds of natural ways of treating anxiety, much more effective than medications, you just need to know where to look.


Very good advice from @DarkMatter
I would also highly recommend trying the “Trauma, incident, and limiting beliefs clearing” audio and/or mandala to clear any mental and emotional issues that might be causing the anxiety.
Next thing to look at would be your diet. Try a whole foods natural (predominantly plant-based if you can) diet, as inflammation in the body and brain can lead to depression and anxiety.


A plant-based diet without consuming any meat will actually destroy your health, it is pushed deliberately and malevolently in the mainstream media to do just that.

Read the free pdf book The Vegetarian Myth by Lierre Keith:

“The truth is also that life isn’t possible without death, that no matter what you eat, someone has to die to feed you.”

Life killing and eating life is a hideous, evil abomination, which is why I suggested a Breatharian field in the Fields Suggestion subforum.


What happened the time you got anxious?
What feelings does this situation bring you?
At this early age, guess the root is the parents and how they perceived you - and what you accepted for yourself by them. The stuck energy and emotions from there should be transmuted.
You can check the Fohat mandala, I think it will help in your case.


Each situation will be different, but generally, the cure for anxiety is to expose yourself gradually, at your own pace to the things or situations that make you anxious. Do not avoid what makes you anxious but meet it, work with it, get used to it and it will subside and go away. Use the field that Maitreya suggested while you do it. Combine fields with your own efforts and things will improve. The reason why that works is your amygdala-a brain structure responsible for fear responses have got overstimulated a some point when you were 11 and now sounds an alarm at small issues. In order to calm her down you need to actually get involved in those issues and when amygdala sees that you survive and are OK is going to remove the alarm.