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Hi, beautiful people. I have noticed that some here have servitors and I would like to know if you could answer my following question: I have been thinking about creating a Dragon golem with Sapien’s PDF, but first I would like to know if dragons get along well with pets :thinking: , because I have a lot of dogs and cats. I have always conceived of dragons as entities with a lot of power and I don’t know if they could make my cats and dogs uncomfortable. Maybe I’m just overthinking since animals can sense energies… I would also love to read your experiences with your servitors.


Hmm don’t have any pets but i don’t see any problems with that.

Yes but his new one fae and energetic support servitor are stronger, i would get these.

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Nah dragon is lot stronger. It’s his strongest ever made. So strong that can even travel different timelines and can even help out dead souls. Even can help in astral travel. Other servitors are fodder compared to this one. I have all of his servitors and this one is definitely better than others. Those two are better for their spesific task only. Overall dragon is better than these…


hey how i find more info about these…


thanks :wink::wink:

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Sammy told me the Light servitor is stronger than the Dragon.


@d.b @maxgamer I really would love to try all kind of sapien’s servitors, but I think that for me it is better to go one by one. Could you share some of your experiences with the different types of servitors?


Which one you like the most?

I’ve always loved dragons and mythological creatures, but angels, nah, I just can’t get rid of the christian concept that surrounds them. In this topic, I’m biased, I know.

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For sure not just a christian concept.

I just sended this to get a feeling which you prefer from feeling, the light servitors feels like the angelic one, devic like fae (ess a bit different), dragon to dragon intercession etc…


Thanks, it really helps :smiley:

How useful did people find the servitors in that book?

Wow :dizzy_face:

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Do you have any advices for work with them?

Better work on my sensitivity even further then

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